What Makes a Good Slip and Fall Case?

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No one goes into a store thinking that this is their last trip being fully independent, or that they may suffer a significant injury. That is what happened to one young couple in St. Louis….

Just 10 years ago, an engaged couple was walking into Costco when one of the two slipped on a grease puddle. Amber, the victim, had dislocated her knee at the time, but 2 weeks later would go into emergency surgery where she would pass away from a blood clot at age 39. Because of the circumstances surrounding the fall, Costco settled for an undisclosed amount (Smith).

Although most cases are not this extreme, what happened to Amber and her family reveals the sincerity and gravity that should accompany these cases. When a disaster occurs in the store that you weren’t planning for, you move so fast that you can miss important details, or you don’t want to create a bigger problem with legal fees, so you’re tempted to do nothing.

Don’t let the overwhelming feelings of pain and frustration take away your ability to fight for fair compensation. It is the duty of management and owners to provide safe an environment for customers and visitors, and if they fail to do so through negligence, they are liable for that event. Think you may have a case? Well, it would not hurt to talk with a personal injury attorney as many provide free consultations where you can discuss the details.

Before you talk with a lawyer make sure you have these elements ready:

Date and Time



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