Nursing Home Abuse

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Studies have shown that millions of elderly Americans are victims of abuse, but only a small percentage of those incidents are ever reported. Often, families entrust loved ones with professional caregivers who abuse, neglect or exploit those who are most vulnerable to such behaviors. Many suffer in silence unable to speak for themselves.

These terrible actions come in several forms including the following:

  • Physical Abuse – to include any manner of pain inflicted upon an individual such as unwarranted restraint, choking, pushing, striking and excessive sedation.
  • Sexual Abuse – to include any manner of non-consensual sexual conduct such as forcing one to undress, fondling or even rape.
  • Emotional Abuse – to include both nonverbal actions such as unwarranted isolation or verbal acts such as shouting or demeaning speech.
  • Neglect – to include the failure to provide nourishment with either food or water, failure to clean or bathe properly or to remain in soiled clothing, failure to give medical care when needed or failure to keep a living area clean.
  • Financial Exploitation – to include misuse of an individual’s money, property or identity where the possibilities for abuse are almost limitless.

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