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An individual or other corporate entity that owns land or is in control of a property owes a duty to those on that property. The extent of this duty can be modified depending on the injured person’s status at the time of the injury but generally, the duty owed is one of reasonable care. If you were injured and a duty was breached, you may be entitled to damages that were caused by that breach. While seemingly simplistic, pursuit of premises liability claims can be fraught with peril. We are skilled at pursuing these claims and locating insurance coverage where applicable that may apply to compensate you for your damages. Contact us today to consult with an attorney about your rights.

Main Causes: Poor maintenance or supervision, defective conditions, elevator/escalator incidents, electricity, leaks, fumes, and chemicals

Liability Considered: Property owner, Manager, or Store owner

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Premises Liability Case

  • Falling Merchandise in Big Box Store Causes Injury to Shopper

    The client was shopping at a big box retailer when a display of skateboards that were improperly stacked came tumbling down upon her. She suffered head and neck injuries. The big box store denied liability alleging that somehow the client caused the collapse of the display of skateboards. A lawsuit was filed and after months and months of litigation the defense attorney and big box store agreed to a confidential settlement.

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