Case Results

Tripp Law Firm Case Results

Our law firm has a reputation of pushing insurance companies to offer a fair and equitable settlement. However, should the insurance company choose not to settle for a fair and equitable amount, we will file a lawsuit and take the matter to a jury trial. We have filed lawsuits against big businesses and giant insurance companies, and we have been victorious for our clients. Below is a sample of case recoveries we have obtained for our clients.

Auto Accidents

  • Multiple Cervical Disc Herniations from Car Crash

    The client was a passenger in a vehicle that was t-boned by a student who ran a stop sign. She sustained numerous disc herniations in her cervical spine, and it was determined by her surgeon that she would require neck surgery to fuse a large portion of her cervical spine. The insurer for the at-fault driver promptly paid its policy limits in response to our demand, and when the underinsured motorist carrier balked at resolving the claim, a Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violations was filed which resulted in a prompt settlement without the need of protracted litigation.

  • Bodily Injury and Underinsured Motorist policy limits settlements achieved

    A young professional was driving her car when she was rear ended causing several thousand dollars in property damage. In the days and weeks following the accident, it became clear that she had sustained significant injuries for which surgery was recommended. Effective pressure was put on the insurance companies involved who tendered all available policy limits before suit was filed.

  • Attorney Recovers Policy Limits in Severe SUV Rollover Accident

    The client was lawfully passing a line of cars on a rural road in Hernando County. Suddenly, one of the vehicles being passed swerved into her path causing the client’s vehicle to go off the road and roll over. The client sustained serious injuries that required facial plastic surgery. The insurance company for the at-fault driver tendered its policy limits after strategic letters were written to the carrier.

  • Auto Accident - One-level Cervical Fusion Results in Pre-suit Multiple-Six-Figure Settlement

    The client was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. After not responding to conservative care, she ultimately required a one-level cervical fusion. The insurance companies and defense counsel agreed to settle the case without the need of a jury trial.

  • Rear End Collision Results Neck Surgery at Prestigious Research Hospital

    The client was rear ended and soon after developed radicular symptoms traveling into his arms. Due to the nature and location of the herniation coupled with the client’s physiology, a local neurosurgeon referred the client to a prestigious university research hospital where the significant disc herniation was removed and the patient’s neck was fused. The case was resolved for all available policy limits several weeks after the surgery.

  • Significant Damage to a Rare Porsche Results in Policy Limits Settlement For Diminished Value

    Our client was driving his Porsche when he was rear ended resulting in $15,000 in damage. Though he thankfully was not injured physically, the vehicle’s value dropped significantly as a result of the crash and significant repairs appearing on a vehicle damage report. The same insurance company insured both the client and the at-fault driver and initially did not agree to properly pay the limits of its property damage liability coverage to resolve the significant diminution of value claim. The Florida Department of Financial Services was notified of the improper claims handling, and the matter was resolved.

  • Multiple Impact Collision Results in Favorable Recovery

    Our client was involved in a multiple impact collision necessitating surgical intervention. The insurance company failed to tender payment of policy limits and Tripp Law Firm filed suit on behalf of our client. After two years of aggressive litigation, the Insurer ultimately paid six-figures to settle the case and avoid a jury trial.

  • Physician sustains severe neck injury

    Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that ran a red light. Our firm skillfully obtained the tender of all available underinsured motorist policy limits to compensate him for the loss of enjoyment of life as well as his other significant damages arising from the crash.

  • Local business owner badly injured on his birthday

    Our client had just left his shop when a pickup truck turned in front of him resulting in the total loss of his specialty hot rod. Our firm obtained a significant settlement for the total loss that was considerably higher than the insurance carrier’s initial offer and negotiated that he could retain the car as salvage at his request. He sustained significant injuries requiring treatment with many different medical specialties. The bodily injury policy limits were promptly tendered in response to our demand. The client maintained a policy of insurance on which he was not properly offered underinsured motorist coverage in accordance with Florida law. Our investigation and persistence resulted in a settlement that was more than double what it would have been had this important avenue not been fully investigated.

Premises Liability

  • Premises Liability Case Involves Poor Lighting and Improper Railing

    The client was exiting the bar and grille and fell from a three foot ledge causing serious facial and dental injuries. Our investigation revealed that poor lighting and the lack of a safety railing was the proximate cause for the personal injuries. After many months of negotiations, the case settled for past medical and dental bills, projected future expenses and pain and suffering.

  • Falling Merchandise in Big Box Store Causes Injury to Shopper

    The client was shopping at a big box retailer when a display of skateboards that were improperly stacked came tumbling down upon her. She suffered head and neck injuries. The big box store denied liability alleging that somehow the client caused the collapse of the display of skateboards. A lawsuit was filed and after months and months of litigation the defense attorney and big box store agreed to a confidential settlement.

  • Auto Accident - One-level Cervical Fusion Results in Pre-suit Multiple-Six-Figure Settlement

    The client was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. After not responding to conservative care, she ultimately required a one-level cervical fusion. The insurance companies and defense counsel agreed to settle the case without the need of a jury trial.

Pedestrian Accidents

  • Motor Scooter Injury Results in Policy Limits Settlement for Client

    A Largo man riding his scooter who was struck by a hit and run driver. The hit and run driver was later identified and case was settled for the policy limits within 45 days of the accident.

  • Attorney Recovers Policy Limits Following Vehicle v. Pedestrian Accident

    A Weeki Wachee man was hit by a car causing serious injuries to his leg and ankle. The driver of the car left the scene. After a year of investigation, our firm’s lead investigator tracked down the driver, owner and the out-of state-insurance company who then paid out its six-figure policy limits.

  • 60-Year Love Story Cut Short By Reckless Disregard

    Our client was run down as a pedestrian by a car whose driver showed virtually no concern for his well-being. He developed significant bleeding which contributed to his downturn in health which led to his tragic death several months later. The significant policy limits of the at-fault driver was promptly tendered in response to our comprehensive demand for settlement, and after the underinsured motorist carrier balked at paying its policy limits, the Florida Department of Financial Services was notified and the claim was resolved short of litigation.

  • College student on his scooter injured by hit and run driver

    Our client riding a scooter broadsided a car which ran a red light. The other driver fled the scene but was later apprehended. After making an offer of less than the policy limits verbally to client’s family, we were retained and secured the tender of the bodily injury policy limits.

  • Bicyclist hit by inattentive driver recovers six-figure settlement

    Our client was a bicyclist hit by a young inattentive driver whose mother was a passenger in the vehicle. Before retaining the Tripp Law Firm, the defendant insurance carrier denied liability to our client’s first attorney. Then, however, our client decided to retain the Tripp Law Firm. Our firm was able to recover a six-figure settlement for her without the necessity of court litigation.

Slip & Fall

  • Slip and Fall in the Bathroom

    The client slipped and fell in the messy bathroom of a bar that had obviously not been properly maintained sustaining a serious fracture requiring surgery. The case was resolved in response to our demand.

Trucking Accidents

  • Semi-Truck Collides with Sedan Causing Traumatic Injuries

    Our client’s vehicle was hit by a semi-truck that swerved into her lane, causing her to spin out of control and crash into a concrete barrier. As a result, she sustained significant injuries to her head, neck and back. After the insurance company denied liability, a lawsuit was filed. However, before trial commenced, our firm secured a favorable settlement for our client without the need of protracted litigation.

On the Job Accidents

  • Truck Improperly Backs Up and Pins Client between Truck and Building

    Our client, an independent contractor, was behind a delivery truck assisting with the truck’s unloading when the truck driver improperly backed up and painfully pinned our client between the truck and the building. He sustained significant injuries to his pelvis and back for which surgery was recommended. The insurance company agreed to settle the dispute and the claim was successfully resolved at a pre-suit mediation thus avoiding extensive litigation.

Defective Products

  • Hot coffee spilled on client at local drive-thru

    The client was getting his morning coffee at a local donut shop drive thru. The employee failed to properly secure the lid to the hot coffee and essentially poured the coffee onto our client’s lap causing severe burns. Case was settled without the need of a jury trial.

Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorcycle crash requiring surgery results in settlement of over half a million dollars

    Our client was hit by a motorist that carried only $10,000 in bodily injury liability coverage. Fortunately, our client carried a half a million dollars in under-insured motorist coverage. After retaining Tripp Law Firm, this case settled for over a half a million dollars without having to file a lawsuit.

Playground Accidents

  • Toddler injured at daycare due to negligent supervision

    When an older child was far too rough with our client’s toddler daughter resulting in a fracture, we sought to hold the daycare owner responsible as well as the supervising agency of the daycare system. The case was settled and the settlement approved by the court.

Insurance Disputes

  • Attorney Fights for Little Boy

    A young child sustained a serious arm fracture requiring surgery because the employees of the indoor play area failed to supervise. The insurance company denied liability and a lawsuit was filed. Before trial, the case was settled.

  • Other driver and passengers lie to police on how crash occurred

    Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident that occurred at a major Pinellas intersection. He was alone in his vehicle proceeding through the intersection when he was suddenly hit by another driver who failed to obey a red traffic signal. Immediately following the accident, EMS arrived and rushed our client to a nearby trauma center. After our client was en route to the trauma center, the responding police officer arrived on scene and began his investigation. Before speaking to our client at the trauma center and getting both sides of the story, the officer issued our client a traffic citation for a red light violation solely based on the fabricated version of events the other driver and passengers provided to the officer. The other driver's insurance company tried to deny our client’s claims based on the erroneous police report and false information provided to them by their insured and her passengers. Our investigation, combined with the retention of an expert to download the Event Data Recorder (EDR), vindicated our client and revealed that the other car actually ran the red light causing the crash and serious injuries to our client. After we presented the evidence obtained through our in-depth investigation, the other party’s insurance adjuster accepted liability and promptly settled a claim for the total loss of the vehicle, as well as his personal injury and personal property damage claims. Our client’s traffic citation was subsequently dismissed after the court considered the evidence.

NOTE: Obviously, not all of our case results are listed. The case results provided are before the deduction of attorney’s fees and expenses. It should not be assumed that each case will have as beneficial a result. Most cases result in a lower recovery (based upon various issues such as limited insurance, extent of injuries, etc.). Thank you for taking the time to review these results