Why is the Sunshine Skyway Yellow?

Sunshine Skyway Move Over 2022

The Sunshine Skyway is known for its remarkable view and simple elegance. The 3 counties that the bridge sits over include Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee. Furthermore, over 50,000 cars drive over the Skyway daily, with 2 to 3 times the people making the trek.

In November of 2017, 1,800 LED lights were placed along the skyway poles and siding to light up the night. Now, residents of the surrounding counties see a range of colors shine from the bridge every night, depending on the season or month: green & red for Christmas, blue and white when the Lightning win the Stanley Cup. However, a new year has begun and the bridge is shining a bright yellow. Why?

So Why the Yellow?
Well, January is Move Over Month. Sadly, every year, too many first responders are killed in the road, while working at an accident or pulling someone over, because drivers do not pull over to the furthest lane or slow down.
Overall, about 15,000+ firefighters are hit every year in accidents, and police officers are killed at a rate of 4 per month. This doesn’t include paramedics or tow truck workers, who can be more at risk since they each have less protection. In other words, if we do our jobs as drivers and move over/slow down, then we will help protect the same people who have sworn to protect us. Look out for first responders and provide a safe environment for them to do there job.

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