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Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment can provide your child with fun, fresh air, and exercise, but they can also pose some safety hazards. Faulty equipment, improper surfaces, and careless behavior are just a few of the dangers that cause children on playgrounds to visit hospital emergency departments. Each year, more than 200,000 kids are treated in hospital ERs for playground-related injuries. Many of these injuries could have been prevented with the proper supervision.

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Main Causes: Falls, Moving objects, Head entrapment, Clothing Caught

Liability Considered: Owner of the Playground, Maintenance of the Playground

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Playground Accident Case

  • Toddler injured at daycare due to negligent supervision

    When an older child was far too rough with our client’s toddler daughter resulting in a fracture, we sought to hold the daycare owner responsible as well as the supervising agency of the daycare system. The case was settled and the settlement approved by the court.

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