Tampa Woman Commits Workers’ Comp Fraud

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TAMPA, FLORIDA-Sheyla Veronica White, a 51-year-old receptionist at Cinque Terre Energy Partners, faced serious charges after attempting to gain workers’ compensation for her injure herself on camera.

In July 2015, White filed a injury claim stating that when a sprinkler head from the ceiling fell, the head bounced off the desk and hit her in the forehead. She was seeking $6,540.36. However, when the company’s insurer investigated, he found this video that says something different.

If you watch the video, you will see that the broken piece fell behind the computer and sat there. White then looked at it intently, concocting her following actions. She picked the piece up from behind the computer and hit herself in the face. It is safe to say that White did not get her settlement. Instead, she was arrested, charged with 2 counts of workers comp fraud, and sentenced to 18 months of probation.

Do not think you can fool your company or their insurance partner. Workers’ Comp Insurance Investigators take their jobs seriously and do not want to pay unless they are 100% sure they are liable. You will get caught whether it is before or after you receive your money. Because of cases like these, premiums have gone up significantly since then.

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