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In just one year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 30,000 lives were lost as a result of traffic accidents. Most of these were unrelated to defects with the actual vehicle, but even a small percentage of such a large number being related to vehicle defects makes the cost to human life staggering. Of course, fatal crashes are only part of the analysis. Many times the defects cause life-changing injuries to the vehicle’s occupants and those in the immediate vicinity.

Examples of vehicle defects would include:

  • Fuel system problems causing leakage especially after a crash
  • Accelerator controls (the gas pedal) that could stick due to a poor design
  • Wheels that break from cracks resulting in a loss of control
  • Cooling system problems resulting in scalding injuries or serious cuts and abrasions due to fan blade malfunctions
  • Air bag issues including improper deployment or insufficient triggering
  • Wiring problems resulting in lighting issues or electrical fires
  • Child safety restraints that are insufficient or simply fail
  • Seats or seat backs that fail
  • Vehicle jacks that fail during maintenance
  • Tire blowouts due to manufacturing or mounting defects

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