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Every year people across the nation are injured, maimed, and even killed as a pedestrian. If you or a loved one has been injured as a pedestrian, the TRIPP LAW FIRM – Personal Injury Law can help you recover financial compensation for the damages suffered.

It has been reported that Florida ranks as the 2nd most hazardous state in the United States for pedestrians. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) counted 487 pedestrian fatalities in Florida in 2010 – 112 fewer deaths than California and 142 more than third-place Texas.

Four out of five pedestrians killed while walking, sitting, standing, jogging or running were outside a crosswalk at the time of the motor vehicle accident. Most pedestrian deaths happened to men, at night and in favorable weather. Men were pedestrian accident victims in two-thirds of the recorded deaths. Sixty-eight percent of the fatalities happened after dark. Only ten percent of fatalities happened in other than clear weather conditions. The NHTSA report said almost half of the 4,280 fatal pedestrian accidents in 2010 occurred between Friday and Sunday, averaging one every two hours. Pedestrian injuries totaled 700,000, or one every eight minutes. Forty-seven percent of the deaths involved drivers or pedestrians who had been drinking alcohol.

Our Central Florida Injury Attorneys will investigate your pedestrian accident claim and we will aggressively pursue fair compensation for the full extent of your damages, including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages or income, and property damage.

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Pedestrian Accident Case

  • 60-Year Love Story Cut Short By Reckless Disregard

    Our client was run down as a pedestrian by a car whose driver showed virtually no concern for his well-being. He developed significant bleeding which contributed to his downturn in health which led to his tragic death several months later. The significant policy limits of the at-fault driver was promptly tendered in response to our comprehensive demand for settlement, and after the underinsured motorist carrier balked at paying its policy limits, the Florida Department of Financial Services was notified and the claim was resolved short of litigation.

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