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What Makes a Good Slip and Fall Case? Slip and Fall attorney

What Makes a Good Slip and Fall Case?

No one goes into a store thinking that this is their last trip being fully independent, or that they may suffer a significant injury. That is what happened to one young couple in St. Louis…. Just 10 years ago, an engaged couple was walking into Costco when one of the two slipped on a grease…

Jury awards parents $1.5 MILLION in McDonald’s parking lot brawl • civil suit • Land O’ Lakes • B&B Cash Grocery • Brickman Management Company

PASCO COUNTY – A jury awarded $750,000 each to the parents of a 21-year-old who was strangled to death in a Land O’ Lakes restaurant’s parking lot. Jurors this evening decided that Brickman Management Company Inc. and B&B Cash Grocery Stores Inc. were negligent for not providing security on the morning of the 21-year-olds death….