Jacksonville’s Blount Island Lands Death in the New Year

Duval County workers comp

On February 25th, a young male, Timothy Middlebrooks was clearing the way for the forklift holding pallets on Blount Island, a Jaxport-owned island, when the pallet began to destabilize. The forklift was moving 500 pounds of paper product at the time; however, as Middlebrooks was walking by, some of the product fell from the pallet, striking him. Sadly, Middlebrooks suffered a major head injury and passed away shortly after.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and OSHA were investigating the incident from every angle. While the land is JaxPort’s, the warehouse was leased to SSA at JaxPort. Fortunately, the driver of the forklift was cooperative throughout the process. Middlebrooks was performing his normal longshoreman duties for SSA as he cleared the way.

Middlebrooks was the third generation of his family to work as a Longshoreman. He joined the International Longshoremen’s Association shortly before the incident and hoped to make a career out of the role.

Unfortunately, Middlebrooks was the third fatality or serious injury since 2018 at the SSA in JaxPort. OSHA had previously cited the company for violations regarding the cargo and pallet stocking. Since the accident in February, the SSA is ramping up safety training for all employees, to lower the risks.

In 2021, Jaxport saw two accidents, one of which resulted in death. The death in 2021 involved a contractor being hit by a truck at 9620 Dave Rawls Blvd. 

OSHA updates will be added as the story develops.


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