Accidents Hit Florida Highway Troopers

Florida State Troopers auto accident

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL—One month after Move Over Month, two Florida Highway Troopers took a hit while doing routine checks.

It was a beautiful day in February, when an accident took place along the southbound shoulder of I-275. The state trooper pulled up behind one of the vehicles and began to run the accident report. After asking questions to those involved, the trooper hopped back in the vehicle to send information. As the officer was sitting in the vehicle, another unrelated vehicle struck the officer.

On a more cloudy day, a state trooper pulled over to check on a disabled vehicle sitting on the shoulder of I-10. Shortly after stopping, a box truck struck the trooper’s vehicle.

Move Over Month was created to raise awareness of the Move Over Law which was passed in 2002. The law requires drivers to “respect emergency vehicles giving audible or visible signals both en route to emergencies and stationary while assisting emergencies on the side of the road.” Too many troopers are injured or killed because of drivers’ unawareness outside of the vehicle.

State troopers keep their vehicles pulled closer to the road to keep the drivers ahead of them safe; however, by doing so, they risk their life more.

The troopers mentioned in the stories above, were both injured in their accidents. Although the injuries could’ve been worse and could’ve died like many others in their position. Therefore, look out for state troopers. Yes, It’s the law; but more importantly, doing so can save lives.


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