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SeaWorld’s New Ice Breaker Coaster Injures Child’s Leg SeaWorld Ice Breaker Roller Coaster Accident

SeaWorld’s New Ice Breaker Coaster Injures Child’s Leg

ORLANDO, FLORIDA –SeaWorld is opening their first launch roller coaster, the Ice Breaker, that boasts the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida. While their soft opening began in February, in one week the ride broke more than just ground.. Breaking News A 12-year-old boy was one of the lucky pass members whom previewed the ride….

Disaster Follows Brightline Brightline train and auto accidents

Disaster Follows Brightline

AVENTURA, FL—On Monday afternoon, Amy Charal was driving her Nissan Altima before being stopped by the driver ahead. Ms. Charal’s sightline was blocked by the bushes, but she saw a green light. After no movement, she began honking until the other driver seemed to be waving her around. So with that in mind, she pulled…

Florida Theme Park Accident Injuries and Ride Lawsuits and Settlements

According to an investigative report by the Orlando Sentinel, at least 101 Florida theme park lawsuits have been filed since 2004 against Disney, Universal or Busch Entertainment, involving allegations that people were injured by rides or attractions. However, none of the cases have reached a jury, with confidential settlements reached in most of the lawsuits….