Disney Fails to Be Happiest Place on Earth for One Guest

Walt Disney World Old Key West Resort pool accident

OSCEOLA COUNTY, FL – Disney World, “The Happiest Place on Earth,” is a staple in Florida and the United States as a whole. Families save up money for years so they can all stay at a Disney hotel and go to Disney parks. As fun and magical as Disney can be, tragedies happen. With millions of people passing through 6+ parks and over 30 resorts, accidents are destined to happen.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Klinger experienced such an accident at Disney’s Old Key West Resort which left her permanently injured. According to public records

On or about February 14, 2019, [Mr. and Mrs.] Klinger were guest of the Resort. On that day, Mrs. Klinger was injured while using the sandcastle water slide at the Resort pool. Mrs. Klinger impacted the floor of the pool with sufficient force to injure her.

As a result, Mrs. Klinger suffered a severe left ankle injury including ligament tears which required surgical intervention. Since the initial surgery, Mrs. Klinger has been diagnosed with chronic regional pain syndrome as a result of the incident.

Klinger v Disney

As expected, Mr. and Mrs. Klinger filed suit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc. and Disney Vacation Development Inc. regarding the 2019 incident. The Klingers are seeking $100K in damages for Disney’s negligent behavior. 

Defendant, DISNEY PARKS, as owner or operator of the Resort, owed Mrs. Klinger a duty to maintain its premises in condition that was safe for all guests through the use and implementation of regular inspections, repair procedures, maintenance and follow-up and to correct dangerous conditions of which it either knew or should have known existed by the use of reasonable care.

The exact areas of health and safety failures were listed in those public records as well:

Defendant, DISNEY PARKS, breached its duties in one or more of the following ways:

a. Failing to maintain the sandcastle water slide in order to avoid the amount of water to increase the speed beyond the recommended standard;

b. Failing to maintain the depth of the catch pool;

c. Failing to have a proper angle for the exit flume;

d. Failing to instruct users of the proper body position; and

e. Failing to include adequate warnings regarding user body position.

The Klingers are represented by Garay Law, and they are demanding a jury trial.

Disney v The World

This type of accident is not an anomaly as another Disney World Resort injury was caused by negligence in the summer of 2021. A guest at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel fell after tripping on a cord.

While walking to her granddaughter’s dance competition at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, the hazardous cord caused Plaintiff [Ms.] Walts to suffer a fall resulting in significant permanent injuries to her person which resulted in knee surgery.

The poorly secured cord caused Plaintiff [Ms.] Walls to suffer a violent fall, striking her body and landing in an awkward position and causing permanent injury to her body.

Ms. Waltz and her attorney are seeking $30,000 in damages for the 2021 accident. If any changes are made public, updates will be made on the blog shortly. Don’t let theme parks take advantage of you and your family on vacation.


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