SeaWorld’s New Ice Breaker Coaster Injures Child’s Leg

SeaWorld Ice Breaker Roller Coaster Accident

ORLANDO, FLORIDA –SeaWorld is opening their first launch roller coaster, the Ice Breaker, that boasts the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida. While their soft opening began in February, in one week the ride broke more than just ground..

Breaking News

A 12-year-old boy was one of the lucky pass members whom previewed the ride. Sadly, his excitement was met with dismay when his thrill-seeking ended in an injured leg. Interestingly, under Florida law, the boy had to have been in hospital care for 24+ hours for SeaWorld to disclose the incident. Certainly for a new ride, this is not the sort of breaking news tourists want to hear when they are looking at going back to the theme parks.

An update on the boy’s condition has not been released. Indeed, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services confirmed this in a recent report “The following report is a compilation of data collected from the exempt facilities and reflects only the information reported at the time of the incident. Due to privacy-related concerns, the Department does not receive updates to initial assessments of a patron’s condition.”

Theme Park Injuries in Florida

This injury was one of 24+ injuries that have taken place in theme parks in Florida 2022. These numbers include SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal Studios. So far, many of these cases have involved older customers; this only exaggerates the unique situation that SeaWorld is facing right now. Busch Gardens and Legoland are the only two that did not report accidents in the first quarter of 2022.

This news falls shortly after a boy, Tyre Sampson, fell to his death while riding the drop ride at Icon Park. Undeniably, Icon park is facing pressure to close the ride or make changes. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Fair Ride Inspectors follow these stories closely and ensure theme parks take the right steps.

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