Disaster Follows Brightline

Brightline train and auto accidents

AVENTURA, FL—On Monday afternoon, Amy Charal was driving her Nissan Altima before being stopped by the driver ahead. Ms. Charal’s sightline was blocked by the bushes, but she saw a green light. After no movement, she began honking until the other driver seemed to be waving her around. So with that in mind, she pulled around the vehicle and eastbound gate, and headed over the train tracks near Dixie Highway and Aventura/Hallandale Beach. Simultaneously, the Brightline train crossed, therefore colliding with Ms. Charal’s vehicle.

Aventura police came immediately afterwards as pieces from the Nissan Altima were scattered along the street and tracks. Remarkably, Ms. Charal’s was able to walk away from the accident before being transported to the hospital. She is not the first to have collided with the new Brightline train car, as Brightline has a poor accident record despite their best efforts.

Since Brightline’s launch in 2017, they have been leading the nation in one major statistic: the worst fatality rate. Brightline already has 59 deaths on record in the last 5 years, which equals out to 1 death every 33,000 miles. No related deaths have been caused by faults with the railroads or crews. Stories tend to revolve around negligence by drivers and pedestrians, or intended suicides.

Brightline's Background

All Aboard Florida (AAF), a wholly owned subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries began construction back in 2014. The railway system is being built in three phases, with 1 phase complete. Currently, the railways reach from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. By the end of phase 3, the train will span from Tampa to Miami. Amazingly, the trains reach speeds of up to 125 mph, which will allow for faster and more convenient transportation for 50 million passengers. On top of the help that this service will provide, Brightline is creating 10,000+ jobs.


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