Stray Dogs Are Not Our Responsibility

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When we see a stray dog, we immediately think about how we can help them. Maybe we feed them, maybe we pet them, and some of us are more committed, willing to take them in. But our initial inclination may not be the wisest as we don’t know where the dog came from, why they are alone, and if they are carrying any diseases. This leaves room for error.

A couple months ago in Jacksonville, multiple families suffered because of one stray dog. The dog walked up to a house, and the dad did a routine check-up on the dog to see if they had a tag. After inspecting the dog, he felt everything was okay, so he went to turn to his daughter, and that is when the dog decided to strike.

After attacking the dad, the dog decided to go somewhere else. It found a neighbor and attacked her, and when the husband attempted to protect the woman, he was then attacked. That same dog would go on to attack and kill a cat in front of its owners.

The dog has been returned to the owner but was most likely put down because of the incident. It is unknown if the owner was charged, but it is highly likely that the owner faced lawsuits.

In Florida, the moment a person is bit, the victim has rights to sue the owner of the dog. So, if you or someone you know have experienced a dog attack or dog bite, you should connect with an attorney right away as you can be compensated for your accident.

Sadly, not all stray dogs have an owner. Which means if you suffer from a brutal bite, no one is liable but you. But you don’t fully know until you are injured, so wouldn’t it be better to not have to find out?

For those of you thinking that this won’t stop you and your desire to help stray animals, here are some statistics to think about…

-Roughly 5 million people are bitten by dogs every year

-The second leading cause of injury in children is dog bites

-Males are bit more than females and more often by males dogs than female

-A younger dog is more likely to bite than an older dog

With the rising number of stray dogs in the United States, there are no full-proof solutions, however, the dangers are increasing to both people and the environment. Think twice before checking on a stray dog, and be strategic on how you approach them to keep yourself and your family safe.

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