Fort Myers Mayor Breaks Leg in Slip and Fall at Publix

Slip Fall Publix Fort Myers

FORT MYERS – Slip and fall cases are seen as outliers in comparison to many others because of the perception to bystanders and liability disputes. But the reality is that slip falls can happen to anybody, whether you are an entry-level employee or if you are the Mayor of Fort Myers.

The Fall

Indeed, the Mayor of Fort Myers, Kevin Anderson fell in a local Publix while shopping Saturday, March 6th. Mayor Anderson was headed to a city firefighter’s funeral when the fall occurred. According to the Mayor, “The Mayor doesn’t have to get back to work because he never stopped working with the exception of when he was put under for the surgery,” said Anderson. There were two city officials with him at the time; one of the two was in the same aisle, and witnessed the accident. Because of this, they were able to “expedite his transfer to the hospital.

Apparently when the Mayor hit the ground, he knew he was not going to be able to get back up. He would later find out that he had broken his femur, the most painful bone to break. Consequently, he now has two rods in his leg. Additionally, City Councilman Liston Bochette was made Mayor Pro Tem. But that didn’t mean Anderson wasn’t going to take time off.


“Believe it or not, I’d sent him a text saying when is a good time to call that does not interrupt rest. He immediately called back from the hospital. You wouldn’t know from his voice that he was in any distress. He had just come back from the first therapy session postoperative session,” said Councilman Bochette.

After a week away from his office, he was already planning his return; not that he ever really stopped working. The Mayor expressed his desire to help with the challenges facing the city, including the water shortage, terminations at the police department, and other business matters. He was able to work on his laptop and answer calls since the accident, and now he’s made it back to the office full-time. He still has additional physical therapy treatment left, but he will be fully recovered soon. 

Final Thoughts

Mayor Anderson appreciates the city’s support since his accident in March and being elected as the 62nd Mayor of Fort Myers in 2020.“It’s been humbling and rewarding at the same time,” said Anderson. “I’m still active, I’m on the road to recovery, and I’m still working hard for them.” 

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