Florida Man Sues Iowan Nursing Home for Aunt’s Death

Iowa Nursing Home treats Florida woman poorly

LAKE WORTH BEACH, FL – Evelyn LaPlace died at age 91 on September 11, 2020, at Solon Retirement Village in Iowa City. Unfortunately for Henry Hubor, LaPlace’s nephew and executor, evidence was found that the assisted living facility was not comforting and selfless as once believed. As a result of investigations, Solon Retirement Village, their foundation, and her nurse, Tiffany Koss, are being sued for wrongful death, negligence, dependent adult abuse, and breach of contract.

LaPlace experienced preventable suffering and health conditions that would’ve been avoided with proper care. In other words, the poor treatment from primary caregiver, Ms. Koss and Solon Retirement Village, resulted in her death.

According to the lawsuit, the facility “failed to provide care, treatment and services, full nursing assessments, reliable charting – documentation of care, properly administering medication and nutrition, and failed to prevent pressure – bed-sores and falls.”

Additionally, while Ms. Koss was busy not treating LaPlace, she spent her time stealing $13,600 through credit card use and forging checks. Koss ordered items from LaPlace’s Amazon and sent it to her own home, and when they went to the grocery store, she pocketed cash advances regularly. By the end of the investigation, Koss was fired and charged in Johnson County District Court with “eight counts of forgery and one count of dependent elder abuse.” The Iowa Board of Nursing sought greater punishment for Koss as they charged her for “soliciting, borrowing/misappropriating money or property from a patient, regardless of patient consent.” Her license is suspended indefinitely until she meets mental health requirements.

Koss was released on bail, and no arraignments are made yet. There are no other publicly released statements, but the page will be updated if news breaks.


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