Feet up on the Dash Becomes Feet in a Gurney

Feet up on the dash in the care auto accident

WALKER COUNTY, GA – Almost every time you hop in the car you can see front seat passengers of other vehicles with their feet up on the dash. Can you blame them? It’s comfortable and relaxing when your legs are free. Unfortunately, that freedom comes with a price as one Georgia woman learned.

In 2015, Mrs. Audra Tatum used to ride with her foot pressed up against the dashboard of her car all the time. The mother of three loved relaxing as her feet rested firmly on the dash. Her husband, conversely, would always remind her, “if we get in a wreck, you are going to break your leg.” 

Eventually, while the Tatums were on a trip to pick up their sons, another driver failed to yield the right of way to them. This resulted in the couple T-boning the other driver and the airbags deployed simultaneously to everyone’s benefit. The husband, daughter, and other driver were healthy with minor injuries. Mrs. Tatum, however, was not wearing her seatbelt while also having her feet up on the dash, which resulted in life-altering injuries.

“When the airbag exploded, it pushed my foot up into my face,” Audra said. As a result of her decision, she broke her nose, ankle, femur, and shoulder. Had she had here feet planted on the ground in front of her, she would’ve walked away perfectly fine.

“I regret it every single day. Every hour of every day because every time I put pressure on my leg i feel it….Do not sit like that. If you sit like that you’re asking for it,” Audra told NewsChannel 9.

As of 2 years ago, she was still recovering. Mrs. Tatum currently has rods in her leg as she broke her femur in multiple areas, and has adjusted to her new life. She now makes it her mission to make sure no one else puts their feet on the dash and experience what she has. Think twice before sitting with your feet on the dashboard or letting someone else do so.


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