Florida Attorney Suspended After Hitting 4 Pedestrians

Bijoux injury lawyer hits 4 by Fresh Market

STUART, FL – Beatrice Bijoux, a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, has been temporarily barred from practicing law due to her harmful actions on February 22nd. This ruling comes 1 month after the Florida attorney drove onto a sidewalk, which left four injured.

According to police reports and surveillance footage, Ms. Bijoux’s drove her Kia directly onto the seating area outside of Fresh Market. She reached approximately 30 mph when she drove onto the sidewalk and struck four pedestrians.

Two victims recalled sitting at a table when the car jumped the curb and pushed them into the wall. A witness watching nearby was almost a victim as Ms. Bijoux backed up, attempting to hit them as well. Subsequently, another witness followed her as she avoided police.

Fortunately, she drove to the Stuart Police Department, giving herself up. Upon turning herself in, she told Sgt Reddick that “the voices in her head had told her to kill the people.” She was diagnosed with mental health disorders in 2019, but she had not seen her doctor in a couple months. Despite the voices telling her to kill herself and her niece, she did not take any additional actions.

They airlifted one victim to the hospital while the other three remained at the scene, talking with police. Consequently, her current charges include one account of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of high speed or wanton fleeing, and four counts of attempted murder. She has since pled guilty and is under doctor’s care indefinitely.


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