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Feet up on the Dash Becomes Feet in a Gurney Feet up on the dash in the care auto accident

Feet up on the Dash Becomes Feet in a Gurney

WALKER COUNTY, GA – Almost every time you hop in the car you can see front seat passengers of other vehicles with their feet up on the dash. Can you blame them? It’s comfortable and relaxing when your legs are free. Unfortunately, that freedom comes with a price as one Georgia woman learned. In 2015,…

Young New Hampshire Tourist Dies in Florida Lindsey Partridge young lady dies in Boca Raton, Florida

Young New Hampshire Tourist Dies in Florida

Boca Raton—A 22-year-old New Hampshire woman, Lindsey Partridge, was vacationing in Florida with her boyfriend when her day turned dark. The couple rented a 23-foot boat to venture onto the Atlantic Ocean, however, they travelled further offshore than recommended at 150 yards. Apparently a Small Craft Advisory was in effect due to adverse weather, per Boca Post. Soon…

Sunshine Skyway Race is Saved By 1 Officer Florida Highway Patrol sunshine skyway

Sunshine Skyway Race is Saved By 1 Officer

MANATEE COUNTY, FL – Kristen Kay Watts, a 52 year old, was intoxicated, while driving her BMW north on I-275 at a high speed. She approached a road closure put in place on the Sunshine Skyway for the Armed Forces Skyway 10K Race. Additionally, she ignored the detour signs and maneuvered around the traffic cones and barriers….

North Florida Man Ejected From Golf Cart Defuniak Springs golf cart

North Florida Man Ejected From Golf Cart

NORTH FLORIDA, Defuniak Springs – A 71 yr old man was driving his golf cart along New Harmony Loop approaching County Road 2A on Thursday evening around 5 pm. The golf cart suddenly swerved to the left and began overturning repeatedly. This caused the victim to be thrown from the vehicle until the cart finally…

Over 2000 lawsuits filed in Chinese drywall cases • U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson has discussed drywall issues with Chinese officials

STATEWIDE – The Jacksonville Business Journal (8/19) reported, “U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said in a media release Tuesday he pressed Chinese officials in recent trips there to cooperate more fully in investigations of defective high-sulfur drywall that was made in China and is ruining homes in the United States.” While in Shanghai last week, “Nelson,…

Florida Victims of Accidents Caused by Governmental Negligence Face Limited Recoveries

Many of our client’s are surprise to learn that anyone injured by the negligent actions of any employee of the State of Florida, any of its political subdivisions, including those employees of a County or City, is limited, regardless of how seriously they are injured, to a maximum recovery of $100,000.00. This limitation or cap,…