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Jury awards parents $1.5 MILLION in McDonald’s parking lot brawl • civil suit • Land O’ Lakes • B&B Cash Grocery • Brickman Management Company

PASCO COUNTY – A jury awarded $750,000 each to the parents of a 21-year-old who was strangled to death in a Land O’ Lakes restaurant’s parking lot. Jurors this evening decided that Brickman Management Company Inc. and B&B Cash Grocery Stores Inc. were negligent for not providing security on the morning of the 21-year-olds death….

Dangerous Intersections – TAMPA BAY AREA

According to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) some of the most dangerous intersections in Pinellas County are in Largo, Florida. Driving in Largo, Florida could mean that you are more vulnerable to car crash than elsewhere in Pinellas County according to this data. The MPO recently released its annual traffic crash statistics for Pinellas County….