How To Protect You & Your Car in the Parking Lot?

Parking Lot Accidents in a full lot

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas lights are up, the weather is cooling down, and snowbirds are coming to their Florida homes! Not only will the number of drivers go up, but the number of poor drivers will grow simultaneously. Insurance data shows that we are currently in the most dangerous time of the year with the highest number of insurance claims coming during the span between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christmas shopping is too stressful already to have to deal with devastating accidents to you or your car. However, when you look at this video, you realize there are people on the road you must be watchful of in the parking lot:

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of videos like this one which conveys that driving does not come naturally to everyone. Just watching this video brings up several questions to address in terms of safety and liability in parking lots.

So let’s get started…

If someone hits my car while I'm in the store, who is liable?

There are several variables involved. If the driver who hit you leaves a note or if there were witnesses/cameras that saw what happened and the driver, then you have strong chance of receiving payment from the driver. However, if neither of those are available, then your recovery will only be based on your insurance policy.

How do I avoid getting my parked car hit in a parking lot?

Parking further away leaves less room for heavy traffic and easy access to parking spaces. Also, if you can find a parking space that is next to a wall/median on at least one side, your chances of an accident decrease.

How do I avoid causing an accident in a busy parking lot?

First and foremost, give yourself plenty of time to go to the store/destination. Rushing in or out of the parking lot leads to careless decisions which causes accidents. Parking lots have numerous moving objects between carts, customers, workers, and vehicles. The best method is also the simplest. Focus on the road – don’t look at your phone, your GPS, or anything else in your vehicle.

How do I prevent someone from breaking into my car?

You cannot necessarily prevent someone from trying, but you can prevent them from succeeding. Make sure you have all your keys out of the car and that all valuables are out of view or with you. Windows should always be close and doors locked when you go into the store. Your vehicle should have an alarm setup to ward away potential thieves if they break in. And most importantly, always park in well-lit areas – this will help both deter and make the actions visible on cameras if applicable.

How do I prevent someone from robbing me in a parking lot?

Be aware of your surroundings always: park in a well-lit area, check outside and inside of your car when returning, and be ready to defend. Have your keys in-hand to provide easy access for self. And most importantly, keep yourself armed with a weapon whether that be concealed carry, pepper spray, or a taser.

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