3 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is More Fatal Than Christmas (And How You Can Stay Safe)

With the beautiful fall breeze, that fully decorated Christmas tree you put up the day after Halloween, and holiday cheer filling every place you go, how can anything go wrong? While you may have gotten the day off work, the stress of planning, traveling, and family make for one of the deadliest days of the year. But with such a glorious meal and sometimes great company, what makes it so deadly?

1. Driving

Although Thanksgiving is not the deadliest holiday, the week’s travel makes up for greatly increased fatalities, averaging nearly 400 deaths each year – per AI. Now, the National Safety Council estimates that 515 people will die this year during the Thanksgiving holiday period. If that is correct, then that will be the most since 2007 (“Thanksgiving Day”). That comes from multiple factors. The main cause of these deaths is from drunk drivers. Typically, 1/3 of motor vehicle deaths are from drunk driving (“NSC Estimates 417…”). If you are going to drink, make sure you have someone else who can drive you, or maybe you can take a year off from drinking.

Second, texting is constantly on the rise, causing 25% of all accidents (“Texting and Driving…”). Using your phone as a GPS? Use a phone stand, so you don’t take your eyes off the road. Also, there are several apps that are great for making sure you focus on your driving and not your phone. Check out these apps that are great for preventing Texting while Driving: DriveSafe.ly or Text No More.

Lastly, in Florida, around a million snowbirds come down yearly, making the roads more congested, therefore more dangerous (Jewel, 2020). The average age of drivers will be increasing which means they may be slower or less familiar with the area. Going places will take longer, so plan ahead and leave earlier than you usually would. By doing so, you will be able to relax and watch out for other drivers instead of worrying about being late.

2. Eating

So much food, yet so little time… Seeing the delicious dishes that family members and friends have made, may tempt you to overindulge. But don’t let the visual appeal make you forget about your wellbeing. Whether you have kids or you have/know someone who has health issues, eating may take some supervision.

The ER sees an influx of people on and after Thanksgiving just from this issue. Problems range from heart failure to diabetes to choking on food (Madsen). These issues can be avoided by creating a game plan of what can be eaten, how much can be eaten, and having someone keep you accountable. You may be excited for that next bite, but take your time eating, and enjoy each bite so you don’t choke before your next one.

Moreover, you and your human family are not the only potential victims this holiday. Your dog may love to eat everything they get their paws on, but several Thanksgiving foods can be of danger to animals (Homer, 2020). Avoid feeding your dog pieces of turkey as there can be bone inside that can pierce them or get lodged in their throat. Even sides may have elements that can have similar repercussions because of how they were made.


3. The Turkey Bowl

This may not be nearly as deadly, but football does bring significant injuries to people of all ages. If the group is filled with older people who are being more physically active on Thanksgiving than anytime in the last year, they can face disastrous effectives on the legs, back, and heart (Madsen). Also, young kids may be aggressive and cause serious injuries to one another if not well supervised. Either way, when injuries strike, that will mean more time on the road and therefore, more risk of an accident.

As fantastic this holiday season can be, remember to talk with your family about how you can be safe and still have fun. We wish you a fabulous week and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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