Deadly Rollover Crash Ι Florida Turnpike U.S. 27 Lake County Ι Central Florida Ι Tire blow out Ι OVERLOADED Passenger Van Ι

LEESBURG — A deadly rollover crash on the Florida Turnpike is blamed for two deaths. Florida Highway Patrol troopers said it happened after a van filled with nine people, including an infant, blew a tire along the highway near the U.S. 27 exit in Lake County. The van then rolled over several times. Troopers said the mother of the baby was among the victims.

Rescue crews airlifted six other passengers to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition. One of them had life threatening injuries.Troopers said the driver was the only person wearing a seatbelt. Troopers said there are many reasons the tire could have blown. “It’s not properly inflated. You are driving at highway speeds, it gets very, very hot and it basically melts and starts to come apart,” said, Sgt. Jorge Delahoz from FHP.

Troopers also said the seven passenger van was also overloaded with nine people onboard and their luggage. The crash is still under investigation.

SAFETY TIPS and WARNINGS – REMIND all occupants that they are required to WEAR SEATBELTS. NEVER OVERLOAD a vehicle above its capacity, and ALWAYS have your tires installed by a trained and certified tire professional. Over-inflated tires, even those inflated to maximum pressure, will cause problems with ride comfort, stability and handling, uneven wear, and potential tire failure. Under-inflated tires will also cause these same problems, but under-inflated tires have greater potential for tire failure. When in doubt about your tires, stop by your local reputable tire dealer and inquire at the desk. They will be happy to check your tires and tire pressure. NEVER inflate a tire beyond its maximum rating! NEVER drive a tire that is severely over- or under-inflated, or it may fail and blow out!

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