DOT Puts The Brakes On Dangerous Tractor-Trailers on Florida’s Highways and Interstate Highway 75 near Weigh Station

WILDWOOD — Officers are cracking down on the drivers of dangerous tractor-trailers that are putting lives at risk on Central Florida highways because of faulty brakes and bad tires. News 13 was there as Department of Transportation officers at a weigh station on I-75, just north of Wildwood, inspected several commercial trucks. It’s part of a nationwide effort called Operation Road Check where officers are pulling over commercial vehicles to do a thorough inspection.

On the first day at this location, officers said 60 percent of the trucks they looked at had to be pulled off the road because they were unsafe. “If you do have something wrong with your truck and you don’t get it fixed, it’s your own fault really. You know you’re going to get pulled in if you travel very much,” said Joe Abbott, a truck driver.

DOT’s 72 hour operation at the weigh stations runs through Thursday, but they said officers will continue to do inspections out in the field.

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