Big Bend Road ♦ Lincoln Road is finally getting a traffic signal near Big Bend Road and U.S. Hwy 301

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – This is a dangerous intersection in Hillsborough County near Summerfield Crossings. High traffic counts from shoppers at the Publix Super Market and other well established retail stores and eight restaurants make this area for one of the worst intersections for accidents in the county.

Three years ago, when more plazas began to go up on the southwest side of Big Bend Road less than 1/4 of a mile from the existing intersection, residents began to see traffic accumulate in the medians of Big Bend, especially the one at Lincoln Road.

Statistics for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, reports are that in 2006 11 accidents occurred at Lincoln Road and Big Bend Road, 26 accidents occurred in 2007 and 21 accidents occurred in 2008. Some of the accidents involved fatalities.

According to the county’s traffic planning department, the signal light is in the design phase now, but may not be installed this year because of recent drastic budget reductions. Prompt and Aggressive Representation

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