GOLF CART CRASH crossing road or highway from sidewalk – SERIOUS INJURIES – Liability insurance

According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, golf cart-related injuries are on the rise. Today, more golf carts are being used on and off the greens. If you are using your golf cart off the greens, you should consider purchasing a special golf cart insurance policy.
Golf carts are NOT covered under a person’s auto policy. A homeowner’s policy may provide limited liability and physical damage coverage for golf carts while used ON the insured person’s property or ON THE GOLF COURSE. NOTE: Consumers likely would NOT be covered for an accident that occurs off the golf course.
Why is this important? In the event of an accident, lack of insurance coverage could mean that the operator of the golf cart would be legally liable for any and all property damage and personal injuries as a result of their negligence.
Golf carts may be inexpensive alternative way to get around in local communities, but the money saved is nothing compared to the money you may lose if the golf cart is uninsured.
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