Woman Awarded $65 Million in Personal Injury Settlement

According to National Legal News, a jury has found Bynum Transport, Inc. and driver Robert Bohn to be fully responsible for injuries that a 21 year-old woman sustained in a 2007 car accident. The woman was driving her Dodge Neon when she was struck by Bohn’s 18-wheeler.

In a verdict rendered last week, a Polk County jury has awarded $65 million to a 21 year-old woman for injuries she suffered in a car crash in Zolfo Springs, Flroida. The victim, Ms. Kendra Lymon, was 19 when the accident occurred in 2007. Ms. Lymon was driving through the intersection of State Road 17 and State Road 64 when she was struck by an semi tractor-trailer (18-wheeler) driven by Robert Bohn, a part-time employee of Bynum Transport, Inc. The jury found that the Auburndale-based company and Mr. Bohn were 100% at fault for the accident.

According to eyewitness Ralph King, Ms. Lymon was not speeding and she had a green light as she entered the intersection. Ms. Lymon’s lawyers claimed that Mr. Bohn attempted to make the turn at the intersection even though his view was blocked by a tractor-trailer in the opposite turn lane. They also maintain that driver fatigue was to blame in the accident, as Mr. Bohn had just completed a 24-hour shift at his other job before beginning his assignment for Bynum Transportation.

According to the victim’s lawyers, the accident left Lymon comatose and hospitalized for months and her injuries still require continuous care.

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