Wal-Mart To Pay nearly TWO MILLION DOLLARS to Avoid Charges In Trampling

According to a recent story aired on National Public Radio (NPR), Wal-Mart recently agreed to pay nearly $2 million and improve safety at its 92 New York stores as part of a deal with prosecutors that avoid criminal charges in the trampling death of a temporary worker.

The agreement included no admission of guilt by Wal-Mart. Any victims who accept payment from the Wal-Mart compensation fund will be required to waive their right to a separate civil suit against Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart Vice President Hank Mullany said, “The crowd management plan we are announcing today was developed by a team of experts whose experience includes NFL Super Bowls, Olympic games, concerts and national political conventions.”

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said, “We are hoping that this safety plan becomes the nationally recognized model for crowd management among all retailers and becomes an industry-wide best practice.”

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