Wal-Mart continues to fight the $7,000 OSHA fine in worker’s trampling death

NATIONAL – According to Newsday (7/8, Chang) reports, “A crowd management expert testified Thursday that the Valley Stream Walmart lacked adequate crowd control and safety measures in the 2008 Black Friday trampling death of a temporary worker.” Wal-Mart “is fighting a $7,000 fine from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after the death of a greeter who died after being trampled by crowds surging into the store for Black Friday sales.
Wal-Mart contends the fine is based on ‘a standard that was neither posted nor proposed at the time.'”

The Wall Street Journal (7/9, Zimmerman) reports that the Retail Industry Leaders Association supports Wal-Mart’s position. RILA spokesman Brian Dodge said, “The precedent set by this OSHA citation would be far reaching and dangerous to the entire retail industry.”

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