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MANATEE – Golf carts are illegal on state roads, with a few exceptions: The golf cart crossing at U.S. 301 and Colony Club North/Coquina Drive in Manatee County is legal.

Recently, the president of the Homeowners Association of Colony Cove said the residents have stopped driving their carts on the U.S. 301 sidewalks. Residents are hoping to change the law so they can legally drive their golf carts on the 8-foot-wide sidewalks that line both sides of U.S. 301. Residents have approached legislators, the Florida Department of Transportation, and have asked Manatee County commissioners for their support.

“Something needs to be done,” “The law should be changed.” One HOA president said, “Some of our residents are no longer able to use their cars so it’s much safer for them to be on the sidewalk in a golf cart.” Traffic light or no traffic light, crossing US 301 to go to shopping at Publix could spell disaster; especially when the highway (US 301) is widened to four lanes. If residents are no longer able to drive their cars, what says they are able to safely drive a golf cart?

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