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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) finds that in-vehicle monitoring devices help reduce risky teen driving. The devices record the times when teens drive to fast, brake too sharply, and don’t buckle up. The monitors made beeping sounds when teens drove too fast, braked too sharply or neglected to buckle up. At the same time, the devices posted the information on a secure Web site for parents to review. WATCH A BRIEF VIDEO by clicking on the LINK: www.iihs.org/video.aspx/info/teen_monitoring

Ninety-eight percent of the parents said they’d recommend the monitoring device to other parents, while teens believed the device made them better drivers.
To read a reseach paper prepared by IIHS entitled – In-Vehicle Monitoring and the Driving Behavior of Teenagers – CLICK ON THE LINK – www.iihs.org/research/topics/pdf/r1119.pdf
Florida Injury Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr., reminds TEEN DRIVERS to Think Safety First! and encourges parents – while it may be less costly to purchase an old “clunker” for your young driver, your teen’s safety should be your first concern. Parents should consider purchasing a new or used vehicle with good safety features – side impact as well as dashboard and steering wheel air bags, automatic door locks, and anti-lock braking system, traction control devices, and other technological improvements.
Remember, driver education only teaches fundamental skills and knowledge. Parents, guardians and supervising drivers must do their part. PARENTS – Get Involved. Stay Involved. The best person to teach your teen how to become a safe, responsible driver is you. Your wisdom, your guidance, and your continued involvement will not only make a big difference, it could save lives.
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