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AVOID ACCIDENTS WITH CHILDREN ♦ Bicyclist ♦ Pedestrians ♦ Scooters ♦ Skateboards ♦ School is out for summer

SCHOOL’S OUT for summer. Here are some reminders for motorists: Slow down and pay attention when traveling in neighborhoods and near parks, schools and playgrounds. Be alert for bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians’ they’re harder to see. Watch for kids at play! Children on foot and on bikes are unpredictable and may dart out into traffic….


Playgrounds are fun and exciting places for children. They can help to build dexterity, and they are a great place to make new friends. Each year, doctors and hospitals treat more than 500,000 injuries related to playground equipment. The vast majority of injuries on the playground are connected with climbing equipment and swings. Injuries are…