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PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT | X-Waves | Child’s death on playground

NATIONAL – Many school districts have rushed to remove or are considering removal of teeter-totter-like playground equipment called X-Waves after a 9-year-old girl was fatally injured while playing on one.  Those that have not been removed have been temporarily fenced off. The X-Wave’s manufacturer, Xccent, “refused to discuss” the matter. The X-Waves look like three teeter-totters joined end to…

AVOID ACCIDENTS WITH CHILDREN ♦ Bicyclist ♦ Pedestrians ♦ Scooters ♦ Skateboards ♦ School is out for summer

SCHOOL’S OUT for summer. Here are some reminders for motorists: Slow down and pay attention when traveling in neighborhoods and near parks, schools and playgrounds. Be alert for bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians’ they’re harder to see. Watch for kids at play! Children on foot and on bikes are unpredictable and may dart out into traffic….