Swimming Pool / Diving Accidents

Swimming and diving accidents can occur in residential swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, public swimming pools, water parks, beach accidents and other such places. Swimming pools present an especially dangerous hazard for toddlers and small children when they are left uncovered or unsupervised.

Tragically, drowning in swimming pools is one of the leading causes of death for people under the age of 14. In fact, more people of all ages die in swimming pool related drowning than any other type of water activity. The real tragedy of these deaths is that a significant portion of them could have been prevented if only pool owners and operators followed routine safety precautions.
Accidents at swimming pools can be severe, disabling or fatal. The combination of water and hard surfaces can result in serious consequences for those engaging in negligent, inattentive or reckless behavior around swimming pools. It is a sad fact that most swimming pool accidents involve children playing around pools without adequate supervision.

The injuries characteristic of swimming pool accidents can include:

· Head injuries ranging from concussion to severe brain trauma
· Fractures, broken bones and soft tissue damage to knees, ankles, or shoulders suffered in falls onto hard poolside surfaces
· Spinal cord damage resulting from diving accidents
· Brain damage resulting from near drowning accidents
· Death by drowning or other injury

In addition to private residence pools, owners and operators of public pools, apartment building pools, community pools, health club pools, and hotel/motel pools all have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment.

Accordingly, if you have suffered a diving injury or been injured in a swimming pool accident, you may be able to file a premises liability claim against the responsible owner of the pool if you can prove that the owner was negligent, that that negligence caused an injury, and that damages occurred as a result of that injury. Recoverable damages could include medical expenses, loss of wages, and other foreseeable damages resulting from the injury. You can also file a personal injury action against any individual whose negligence caused you to suffer a swimming or diving injury.


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