Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery Leads to Sepsis

Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery Leads to Sepsis - Tripp Law Firm

NATIONAL—Recently I was reading about a middle-aged male patient who suffered complications after undergoing a robotic-assisted prostatectomy. This early-stage prostate cancer surgery was performed using the assistance of a Da Vinci robotic surgery system. Additionally, the surgery was documented to have taken place without any complications. However, the operating physician later discovered the patient suffered a small perforation in his bowel during the surgical procedure.

In the Recovery Room the patient began complaining of severe abdominal pain. Due to these post-surgical complications, the patient was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit to closely monitor his recovery. Needless to say, the attending nursing staff noted that his condition was not improving but rather was deteriorating. Several days post-surgery it was discovered that the patient had developed a serious infection as well as sepsis. Consequently, these discoveries forced the patient to remain in the hospital for several months and required extensive rehabilitation for a year.

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