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What is Pokemon Go?

FLORIDA – Pokemon Go is an “augmented-reality” game in which users visit real-life locations in search of virtual creatures that appear superimposed on smartphone screens. The game earned the title as the most-downloaded app for months after its release on July 6, 2016. Now millions of adults share their obsession alongside kids too young to remember the original anime game from the ‘90s. People have been busted trampling through cemeteries and other dark places chasing the colorful pocket monsters. Clearly, people are playing Pokemon Go just about anywhere.

Still not sure what this whole Pokemon Go phenomenon is all about? Well here’s a quick explainer from the Associated Press: “The game overlays creatures called ‘Pokemon’ on a map of the real world. Players catch these Pokemon using ‘Pokeballs,’ which they can get from landmarks like monuments, historic sites, and public art displays. Players can join one of three teams, and can battle other teams at high profile landmarks called ‘Gyms.’”

Getting Out of Hand

The game has gotten people out of their houses, exploring their environments, exercising and making new friends. Unfortunately, users of the game must keep their heads and eyes focused on their smartphone to play. Obviously this can put themselves and those around them at risk for major injuries. Because of this, some people found it entertaining to harass gamers. In Florida alone, there have been reports of players getting fireworks tossed at them, a man shooting at teens that he mistakenly thought were thieves, and a number of other Pokemon Go-related incidents and crimes.

However, while there are risks that come with walking around for Pokemon Go, danger dramatically increases with driving. For months after the game’s launch, authorities around the world reported rises in accidents because of people playing Pokemon Go.

Like texting and driving, playing Pokemon Go diverts attention from the road and puts you at higher risk of accidents. Consequently, it didn’t take long for distracted drivers and pedestrians alike to end up seriously injured playing the game. Sadly, some users have even lost their lives, or caused the loss of a life, while distracted by the game.

Only You Can Prevent...

Despite recent efforts by developers to halt Pokemon Go while driving, Floridians continue getting injured in Pokemon Go-related accidents. So the next time you think about logging onto Pokemon Go behind the wheel or while walking around a busy intersection, think twice about the risks you face and the potential harm you could cause.

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