Personal Injury Ι Wrongful Death MEDIATION • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) • FLORIDA

Mediation or Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) has become a popular means in recent years to resolve civil lawsuits and is now required of all disputes filed in Florida state courts before a matter may be tried. Mediation or ADR processes is usually apart from the government judicial process.

The rising popularity of Mediation or ADR can also be explained by the rapid increase of caseloads of traditional courts, the sense that Mediation or ADR is less costly than traditional litigation, a preference for confidentiality, and the desire of many parties and their advocates to select the mediator who will attempt resolve their dispute.

At the Tripp Law Firm we also may use pre-suit Mediation or ADR to as a final attempt to settle a matter before a law suit is filed. This cost saving measure not only saves time, but also the expense of protracted litigation.         TRIPP LAW FIRM – Personal Injury Law

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