Pasco County’s worst intersections for aggressive-driving crashes: Collier Parkway and State Road 54 causing Auto Accidents with injuries

PASCO COUNTY – The intersection of Collier Parkway and State Road 54 has become the No. 1 spot in the county for car crashes caused by aggressive driving, according to statistics from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. A Pasco County Deputy said, “Drivers are speeding, tailgating, going off the roadway, cutting people off.” “We want to slow people down,”

The other top intersections for aggressive driving crashes in Pasco this year are:

2. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and SR 54
3. Rowan Road and SR 54
4. Regency Park Boulevard and Ridge Road 5. U.S. 41 and SR 52;
6. Cobblestone Drive and SR 52;
7. U.S. 19 and SR 52;
8. Little Road and Ridge Road;
9. Hicks Road and SR 52;
10. Louis Avenue and Holiday Lake Drive;
11. Little Road and New York Avenue; and
12. Mile Stretch Drive and U.S. 19.

Others that were on the 2008 list that weren’t on this year’s are U.S. 41 at SR 54; U.S. 19 at Beacon Woods Drive; U.S. 19 at Embassy Boulevard; and Little Road at SR 54.

Last year, there were eight fatal accidents, causing eight deaths, in the first quarter of the year. This year, there have been eight fatal accidents that have caused 10 deaths.

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