Americans Against Limiting Non-Economic Damages

According to a recent poll, many Americans are AGAINST limiting non-economic damages in both Medical Negligence and Nursing Home lawsuits!

NATIONAL—The Public Policy Polling (PPP) has released data from phone polls conducted in late March 2017 on the topic of H.R. 1215. H.R. 1215 is a House bill that will be voted on in the next several weeks. H.R. 1215 seeks to limit non-economic damages to $250,000 in medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, prescription / over the counter drugs and medical device lawsuits.

Also, PPP found that, in state of Florida, 77% of Florida voters believed nursing homes should be held accountable if acts of negligence caused the injury or death of a loved one and 63% of Florida voters disagree with H.R. 1215.

The numbers don’t lie and if lawmakers haven’t paid attention to the constant stream of H.R. 1215 opposition voicemails and emails coming from their constituents, they may want to start. Additionally, PPP’s survey found that regardless of political party affiliation, 58% of voters would be less likely to vote for the re-election of their representative if he or she supported the bill.

In a Nutshell

Big businesses get away with oversight, negligence, and greed at the expense of the people enough. And voters have reached the point where they find it inexcusable to allow businesses to expand their overreach. Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, PPP’s data shows that voters refuse to buy into the idea that non-economic damages don’t encourage corporations, hospitals, and other healthcare-related businesses to do BETTER. In this era of profits above all else, awarding non-economic damages in line with the injustice that occurred sends a message. That message is that we deserve more as patients, nursing home residents and people.

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H.R. 1215 – Protecting Access to Care Act, 2015, 115th Congress, available at

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