March is Florida Bicycle Month

Did you know? By Florida Law, bicycles are vehicles and have the same right of way to the roadway. As of 10-1-2007 it is Florida Law to pass cyclists by a minimum of 3 feet.
It is best for both bicycle riders and motorists to ride and drive in a respectful manner. Florida roads are to be shared by those who ride bikes and those who drive cars and trucks.

Bicycle Rules of the Road – Bicycle safety is a two-way street.

Be aware of these basics Rules of The Road

ONE – Bicyclists may ride on all Florida roads, except where restricted.
TWO – Bicyclists should ride on the road, and must ride in the same direction as traffic.
THREE – Motorists must at all times maintain a three-foot clearance when passing a bicyclist.
FOUR – Bicyclists must obey all traffic control signs and signals, just as motorists.
FIVE – Motorists and bicyclists must yield the right-of-way to each other.
SIX – Bicyclists should signal their turns and should ride in a predictable manner.
SEVEN – Lights and reflectors are required at night.
EIGHT – Bicyclists should always wear helmets.

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