Improper Lunchtime Supervision Leads To High School Student’s Death

NATIONAL — With the prevalence of school violence only increasing, parents want to know their children are safe in school. Schools around the nation can help ease the minds of concerned parents by employing proper lunchtime supervision policies. In a recent case study involving the death of a sixteen-year-old student during lunchtime, experts concluded that proper lunchtime supervision can be the difference between life and death.

On the day of the student’s tragic death, he had just finished eating and decided to head to the school gymnasium for the rest of lunchtime. Once there, the student began a “slap boxing”(1) fight with another student. The “slap boxing” fight took place in front of approximately 30 students and continued for about five to ten minutes. The encounter ended when one of the students was struck in the face and fell backwards, fracturing his skull on the pavement. The student died later that evening. The school had no policies in place specifying exactly who was to supervise the students in the gymnasium during lunchtime.

In light of this information, experts and officials agreed that a school district has a duty to supervise students at all times, including the lunchtime and recess periods. A school district has a duty to enforce the rules meant to protect students and maintain discipline and order while students are on school grounds. If a school district fails to provide proper lunchtime supervision or is ineffective in supervising students and a student is injured or dies, the school district may be held to be negligent in causing the injury or death.

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(1) “Slap boxing” is a form of boxing with open hands rather than closed fists; it is usually done to demonstrate speed and agility rather than induce harm to an opponent.


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