KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE IN CAR CRASHES Ι Florida Ι Greater Tampa Bay Ι Orlando Ι Beaches Ι Largo Ι Seminole Ι Clearwater Ι St. Petersburg

More than 1,000 children 12 and younger in passenger vehicles die in crashes every year, and more than 100,000 are injured. Parents can reduce the risk to their kids by properly securing them in the back seat of their vehicle.

The videos below are designed to help parents choose the right type of restraint for their child’s age and size and to provide general information on installation and use.

Overview (watch first): For parents of all children

Rear-facing: For parents of infants — newborns
Forward-facing: For parents of toddlers
Adultbelts: For parents of older children
These videos are also available for purchase on DVD.
Florida Injury Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr., encourages drivers and passengers alike to always wear their seat belt.
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