INSURANCE CLAIMS PROCESS ♦ Car / Truck Accident ♦ FLORIDA ♦ Personal Injury ♦ TOTAL LOSS

After a serious collision, the insurance company’s claims adjuster begins to protect the driver and their interests immediately. An investigator will begin to collect evidence in order to defend or minimize the claim.

The investigator or adjuster will try to take a recorded statement from you. Do not give the adjuster a recorded statement while you are in duress or until you have discussed your claim with a qualified accident injury attorney. The insurance company may also attempt to steer you away from legal counsel, because they know that if you have an attorney, you are statistically likely to receive a greater settlement then if the “control” you.

The insurance company representative takes also takes immediate measures to actively insure that the company is protected against your claim. They are experts, it is their job, and they are not your friends! What have you done to protect yourself and your family as the result of permanent disability, a fatal collision, or other tragedy?

WE ARE AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY! Home and hospital visits available upon request.

Call the TRIPP LAW FIRM ♦ Personal Injury Law for a FREE immediate telephone consultation. 1 888 392 LAWS (5297).

Our licensed investigators are experienced and will gather the necessary evidence to protect you and your family.

NO FEE or NO COSTS if NO RECOVERY ♦ Prompt and Aggressive Representation

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