Hillsborough’s Top 40 Accident Locations | February 2016 | Sheldon Road | Bloomingdale Avenue | Waters Avenue

Hillsborough's Top 40 Accident Locations | February 2016

See which Hillsborough County intersections should be traveled with more caution this weekend.

FLORIDA—Not surprisingly, Hillsborough County’s most dangerous intersections are located along its most heavily traveled roads.  According to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the following intersections each had more than five accidents in the month of February 2016 alone:


  1. Sheldon Road and Hillsborough Avenue West (15 Accidents)

  2. Handley Road and Waters Avenue West (11 Accidents)

  3. Nixon Road and Gunn Highway (11 Accidents)

  4. 301 Highway South and Boyette Road (10 Accidents)

  5. Bloomingdale Avenue and Providence Road (9 Accidents)

  6. Kings Avenue South and Bloomingdale Avenue West (9 Accidents)

  7. Parsons Avenue South and West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (9 Accidents)

  8. Lumsden Road East and Lithia Pinecrest Road (8 Accidents)

  9. Causeway Boulevard and Providence Road (8 Accidents)

  10. Bloomingdale Avenue and Bell Shoals Road (8 Accidents)

  11. Linebaugh Avenue West and Gunn Highway (8 Accidents)

  12. Dale Mabry Highway North and Waters Avenue West (8 Accidents)

  13. Himes Avenue North and Waters Avenue West (8 Accidents)

  14. Waters Avenue West and Sheldon Road (7 Accidents)

  15. Fletcher Avenue East and 56th Street North (7 Accidents)

  16. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Bearss Avenue East (7 Accidents)

  17. Ehrlich Road and Turner Road (7 Accidents)

  18. Falkenburg Road South and 301 Highway South (7 Accidents)

  19. Brandon Boulevard East and Kingsway Road (7 Accidents)

  20. Palm River Road and 78th Street South (7 Accidents)

  21. Memorial Highway and Normandy Drive (7 Accidents)

  22. George Road and Memorial Highway (6 Accidents)

  23. Oakfield Drive and Lakewood Drive South (6 Accidents)

  24. Brandon Boulevard East and Parsons Avenue North (6 Accidents)

  25. Lakewood Drive South and Brandon Boulevard West (6 Accidents)

  26. 60 Highway East and Mt. Carmel Road South (6 Accidents)

  27. 60 Highway East and Valrico Road North (6 Accidents)

  28. 301 Highway South and Bloomingdale Avenue (6 Accidents)

  29. Bloomingdale Avenue East and John Moore Road (6 Accidents)

  30. Bloomingdale Avenue and Gornto Lake Road South (6 Accidents)

  31. Big Bend Road and Interstate 75 Northbound (6 Accidents)

  32. Dale Mabry Highway North and Bearss Avenue West (6 Accidents)

  33. Fletcher Avenue East and 15th Street North (6 Accidents)

  34. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and 131st Avenue East (6 Accidents)

  35. Fletcher Avenue East and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (6 Accidents)

  36. Anderson Road and Linebaugh Avenue West (6 Accidents)

  37. Linebaugh Avenue West and Countryway Boulevard (6 Accidents)

  38. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Campus Hill Drive (6 Accidents)

  39. Linebaugh Avenue West and Sheldon Road (6 Accidents)

  40. Hudson Lane and Dale Mabry Highway North (5 Accidents)


Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Top Traffic Accident Locations for Feb. 2016, available at

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