Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Drivers | October 2017

FLORIDA—Every Halloween, children of all ages have but one thought in their minds – getting as much candy as possible while trick-or-treating. While parents are often preoccupied with last minute finishing touches on costumes, or picking up candy at the local store to pass out to neighborhood trick-or-treaters, safety always needs to be of the utmost concern for all grown-ups, regardless of whether or not they have children.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

Having a young family of my own, I first want to share some of the top tips on how to keep Halloween safe for you and your family this October 31st:

Increase Visibility

Reflectors aren’t just for bikes anymore. What’s good for a bike at night is also good for your young trick or treater. Reflective gear, reflectors, mini flashing lights, even glow sticks all work to increase your child’s visibility when they are out in the evening trick or treating. Some shoes even have reflectors built in. For greater visibility — especially since it gets darker earlier this time of year — use flashlights and apply reflective tape to darker costumes. Dark costumes are cool and can be scary, but they aren’t safe. The better your child’s visibility for drivers and other pedestrians a like the better. The more that helps to improve visibility the better.

Be Aware of Your Child's Costume

Costumes are a big part of Halloween but the outfit your child wear can directly contribute to or limit her safety. Know what your child intends to wear today, whether he will be indoors and outdoors, and make any last minute adjustments—such as alterations to baggy costumes that pose a tripping hazard, etc.—necessary to keep your child safe. Avoid hoods and masks to increase your child’s peripheral vision and choose face paint instead; that way your child will be able to see oncoming traffic and any dangers approaching from the side. Al really baggy costumes that can pose a tripping hazard.

Adult Protection

Ask younger children to hold an adult’s hand at all times. In addition to having parent supervision for trick or treating, match your kids up with a “buddy” and make sure that they are with their “buddy” at all times during the candy hunt. Don’t let anyone go off alone.

Start Early. End Early.

Get in as much day light as possible, because we’re losing it fast. The darker the conditions, the lower the visibility; and the greater chance that motorists can’t see you or your children out when they’re trick or treating.

Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

Given the large volume of pedestrian traffic on Halloween night, it is important to be extra mindful of road safety. By exercising these simple safety tips, we can easily lower the risk of auto accidents and keep our children and our streets safe this Halloween:

Obey Speed Limits

Moving with caution and driving slowly in residential areas allows you to respond more quickly; be extra mindful of traffic signals and road signs. Be sure to come to a complete stop at stop signs and give children the time they need to cross the street.

Pay Attention

Watch the road and stay alert. Reduce any distractions but putting away your smartphone and turning down your music. Be prepared for children of all ages to run out into the street and possibly to ignore traffic signals.

Turn on Your Headlights

Have your headlights on as soon as the sun begins to set. Many Halloween costumes come in dark colors, making it hard for you to identify pedestrians from a distance; having your lights on will make it easier for you to see them and them to see you.

Watch for Children

When you are exiting or entering a private driveway, be cautious of children walking on the side-walk. Be doubly careful and give children time to walk out of your way.

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