FOURTH OF JULY – Boaters in lakes, rivers, Tampa Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Intracoastal waterway – Prevent Accidents on the water – Saftey lies with you!

TAMPA BAY – Coast Guard and Sheriff Officers want boaters to know they will be out in force during the Fourth of July weekend. Every year, reckless boaters — often under the influence of alcohol — cause more than 500 emergency calls in the Bay Area. Dozens of injuries and more than a few deaths occur each year on the waters in and around Pinellas County. A third of the time those in serious boating accidents have been drinking.

Boaters must act responsibly. Reports are that Florida is the state with the highest number of boating accidents per year. Carelessness on the water carries great risk. Out of town visitors each year fuels boat and personal watercraft rentals. Renters often have minimal safety training and don’t know how to act in an emergency.

Watch out for those operating personal watercraft! Officials said, those operating boats and personal water crafts with a blood-alcohol level above 0.08 will charged with boating under the influence.

Boating Safety Tips

•Always wear a life jacket
• Keep a safe distance from other boats
•Let someone know where you’re going
•Operate watercraft responsibly

Florida Injury Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr., and the Injury Law Team at the TRIPP LAW FIRM wish you a Happy Fourth of July and a safe weekend.

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