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Florida Move Over Law

FLORIDA—With the holiday season fast-approaching, Tripp Law Firm invites you to slow down and take the time to review this DMVFlorida.org summary of Florida’s Move Over Law.


Imagine you are driving down the Florida Turnpike at 70 MPH and you see an FHP officer on the right shoulder with their lights on and a car pulled over. Do you stay in the right lane and fly by the officer’s car?

Move Over

The Move Over Law requires you to move over a lane or slow down to 20 MPH below the speed limit. If you are on a road where the speed limit is 20 MPH or less, you are required to slow down to 5 MPH.

The purpose of the Move Over Law is to protect law enforcement and emergency vehicle workers from being hit by vehicles passing them at high speed. If you are not in the lane closest to the stopped emergency vehicle you should be prepared to allow other drivers to move over.

If You Violate The Move Over Law

If you fail to move over you can be issued a ticket, can receive 3 points on your license, and have to pay a fine. More importantly you will be putting emergency workers in danger.


   On Multi-Lane Roads:

◊  Drivers must vacate the lane closest to the stationary emergency vehicle, tow truck, sanitation, or utility vehicle.

◊  Drivers must slow down to a speed of 20 mph below the posted speed limit if they cannot move over safely.

◊  Drivers who are not in the lane closest to the stationary vehicle should be prepared to allow those who are to move over into their lane.

   On Two Lane Roads:

◊  Drivers must slow down to a speed of 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

◊  If the speed limit is 20 mph or less, drivers must travel at 5 mph.


Our firm encourages all drivers to do as much as they can to prevent accidents, including moving out of the way for emergency vehicles and drivers who may be stopped on the road. If someone who violated the Florida Move Over law has harmed you or a loved one, call the TRIPP LAW FIRM – Personal Injury Law at (727)398-2900 in Pinellas/Pasco, (813)699-9560 in Tampa/Hillsborough County, and (407)850-8680 in Orlando/Orange County for an immediate, confidential case evaluation. There is NO Fee and NO Costs if we do not obtain a Recovery for YOU!

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